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Scoring Success | Robinson Digital’s Slam Dunk Digital Solution for Border Sports Academy

Border Sports Academy required a website that could effectively represent its diverse range of programs while also reflecting its core values. Robinson Digital stepped in to create a tailored solution that not only showcased the academy’s offerings but also captured its uniqueness. By understanding the specific needs of Border Sports Academy, Robinson Digital developed a user-friendly platform that highlighted program details, enrollment processes, and upcoming events, ensuring easy access to information for both current and prospective members.

Enhancing Communication and Engagement

Recognising the importance of providing timely assistance to website visitors, we took action by integrating a chat widget into the Border Sports Academy website. This practical feature serves as a direct communication channel, enabling users to engage with academy representatives in real-time. By leveraging this tool, visitors can swiftly receive answers to their questions, resolve concerns, and gain valuable information about programs, events, and enrollment procedures. This interactive feature not only enhances user engagement but also fosters a sense of accessibility and support, ultimately contributing to a positive user experience on the website.

Streamlined Registration and Enrollment:

In order to streamline the registration and enrollment process, we implemented a user-friendly online enrolment system. By integrating custom lead forms for the enrolment process, in combination with secure payment gateways for our tournaments and combining this with an automated invoicing system and automated notification systems, we simplified the administrative tasks associated with program enrollment.

Tailored Forms for Personalised Interaction

The integration of custom enrollment forms to the website was an essential part of the simplification of the registration process. These forms included essential questions such as age group, preferred program, and number of participants. Utilising conditional logic, our forms adjust dynamically based on user input, ensuring a personalised and efficient experience for every visitor.

Auto Contact Creation and Tag Filtering

Contacts are automatically created when users submit registration or inquiry forms, allowing the academy to efficiently manage communication. Tag filtering enables targeted communication based on user preferences, interests, and participation history.

Automated Communication Workflows

Automated email workflows, integrated with communication tools, are configured to send personalised messages triggered by predefined events such as enrollment confirmations, email reminders for upcoming training sessions, or tournament schedules. Additionally, internal notifications are generated within workflows to alert staff members about important updates or tasks. Furthermore, an automated invoicing system has been implemented, where invoices are generated and sent based on the answers provided on a particular form. This comprehensive automation streamlines communication, saves time, and ensures seamless administrative processes for Border Sports Academy


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